Deeplinking in FancyBox

I am building a hobby project. One of the main reasons to build it is to learn how to code. At least try to understand the code I use better. I know HTML and CSS and can read JavaScript and PHP. But to come up with any functionality in JavaScript or PHP is a whole different matter.

The project is a photography site. I’d like to be able to share fullscreen images through other sites and social media. I use the marvelous FancyBox jQuery plugin to achieve the layover fullscreen image functionality. But it doesn’t come with any deeplinking capability. I searched and of course Stack Overflow gave me an answer, but since I don’t code (yet) I had a couple of “problems” with it. Continue reading “Deeplinking in FancyBox”

Apple shake-up

Guess I have to write more often.  After writing about my distaste for Skeuomorphism and the lack of innovation in Apple’s iOS end OS X, Johnny Ive is taking over iOS interface design and Scott Forstall is out. According to several reports, Scott Forstall was the main force behind the use of Skueomorphism in iOS. I hope Sir Ive is as good a UI/UX designer as he is an industrial designer and is able to take iOS in a new and bold direction – since it’s looking kind of stale.

And hopefully the new people at the helm of Siri and maps will take a good look at Google Maps en Google Now to see how it’s done and improve on it.

Source Video: The Verge – Google Now: behind the predictive future of search

Windows 8

I’m seriously thinking about installing Windows 8 on my MacBook Pro.

Ever since Apple and Microsoft took the OS UI in the direction of 3D and Skeuomorphism I’ve been hoping for a return to sanity. I was hoping Apple would be the lead in innovating the UI of their OS, but it seems they’re stuck in shadows and leather look land. Google is heading in the right direction, but they don’t have a full fledged OS, yet. Android looks good though.

Now Microsoft shows us their latest and it is looking great. A totally new way of treating the desktop, by completely removing it and instead use tiles and side widgets. I love the way it looks.

Now, I haven’t tried Windows 8 yet, but I’ve been eyeing Parallels and as soon as they fully support Windows 8 I’ll probably install it and take it for a ride. Probably won’t switch completely but it’s always good to have a native testing platform for work an who knows I might dust of some old Windows games. If they still run that is.

One year without Steve, where did the Magic go?

Wasn’t planning on posting anything, but then I saw the tribute video on and some thoughts came up about my previous post “This is shit” and sure enough a comment on that post by a visitor, made the urge to post too great.

What I’ve been missing this last year in Apple’s new product announcements, and therefore in their products, is Magic. There’s a sound clip of Jobs placing a phone call to Starbucks in that tribute video. If I recall correctly it’s a demonstration of the (Google) maps feature on the original iPhone. You search on your map for a Starbucks nearby, it pops up n the map, you touch it and it calls that Starbucks.  At that point in time this was Magic!  It just wasn’t possible to do this before, because it didn’t exist. There was no phone with such an elegant interface, that just worked, before the iPhone.

Now, of course there is Siri, but that product is still in Beta and I must say that Google Now is much more magical than Siri, because it does something that hasn’t been done before, it anticipates.  Siri just reacts to your questions.  Google Now tries to anticipate to and learn from your behavior.

I hope Apple will wow us with some Magic this coming year, hardware, software, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s innovative and not iterative. And as is so often the case, I just might be too impatient, we’ll see.

Social Media Beyond the Hype

During a recent workshop about Marketing 2.0 – Social Media there was a strong focus on the negative aspects of social media. It isn’t hard to understand, since people worry about their reputation and their organization’s reputation. They fear losing control once they open up through Social Media. But what is forgotten in this line of thinking is that:

  1. The negative examples brought up during these discussions are a small percentage of the total amount of communication / marketing through social media. They only get noticed because it’s a celebrity or a major company/organization who is the instigator or victim. These examples should act as an example of how not to handle things, not as a reason to become hesitant in working with Social media as a marketing tool.
  2. If your organization has its act together, you shouldn’t have to worry about negative feedback because there won’t be any, but if there is, you will have the right people in place to deal with it. Better yet, your organization is so good, it will pick up the negative feedback, act on it and make sure it will be handled correctly in the future. Doing so in a transparent manner, so everybody can witness how you turned things around.
  3. There is so much more to Social Media than just the twitter and Facebook updates. You can reach out not only to your customers, but also your employees / team members, by showing them what is happening within your organization, or asking them to show. Asking them for feedback or advise. You can find out what they really would like to see from you, how you can make your service or product even better.
The atmosphere at the workshop also made me think of this article; In Between Frames by Seth Godin.
Marketing is what happens in between the overt acts of the marketer. Yes you made a package and yes you designed a uniform and yes you ran an ad… but the consumer’s take on what you did is driven by what happened out of the corner of her eye, in the dead spaces, in the moments when you let your guard down.

Social media can play a vital role in between the frames.

F-15 Eagles Air to Air

Some great footage of US Air Force 67FS and 44FS F-15 Eagles during air to air combat exercises near Kadena Air Force Base in Japan. I still love seeing good video or photos of jets, even though I don’t shoot any myself anymore.